Let me help find the place you'll call home.

There are lots of houses out there. But for most of us, there are only a select few we'd want to call home.

It's my job to help you navigate through this sea of choice. I can't always guarantee smooth sailing, but I can guarantee I'll be with you every step of the way -- offering sound advice based on years of experience, a reassuring presence to help mitigate the emotional ups and downs, and the information you need to become an informed, savvy, and ultimately successful buyer.

First, build a top-rate team.

If you're reading this, you likely already understand the value of fostering a relationship with a successful full-time RealtorĀ® who keenly understands your market. To hear what past clients have said about me, please read my testimonials. Or just contact me -- I'd be happy to answer any questions over the phone or meet to determine if we'd be a good fit.

Second, partner with a well-respected lender or mortgage broker.

Everyone has their own fiscal style, and I can assist you in finding a broker who not only understands your situation but also respects your attitude toward personal finances. I want you to be comfortable in your new home, and that includes being comfortable with the terms of your mortgage.

Next, refine your search.

Once you've determined what you can spend, it's important to focus on properties that fall within your purchasing power. It's also helpful to prioritize the qualities you're looking for, so you'll know when and where to compromise. Use an MLS search engine to filter homes already on the market.

Then, identify opportunities.

I'll help you understand the way a property's location, condition, size, and even style affect its value so you can determine whether a property is over and under-priced and therefore open to negotiation. I can also connect you with trusted resources such as home inspectors, structural engineers, drainage experts, architects, and others who can help assess a home's potential.

Finally, write a successful offer.

Once you've found the home for you, I'll help you write an offer designed to maximize your investment while beating any competitive bids. Successful offers don't just win on price, they negotiate terms of timing, financing, and other contingencies in a way that's appealing to both sides of the table. It's my job to strike the perfect balance.


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