I believe smart positioning and careful preparation pay off.

It's my job to understand both the current real estate market and where your home fits in that market. I do that by analyzing every variable that goes into your home's value: its location, its size and condition, and current buyer trends. Only then can I determine how to maximize your return on investment and prime you for your next move.

Here's a short overview of my approach:

Start with a comprehensive market analysis.

This critical step provides the foundation for any successful sale; therefore I take the time to do it right! I compile recent sales activity in your neighborhood showing comparable properties that have sold along with the date of sale, list price, sales price, and price per square foot. I also gather any anecdotal information I can from the agents that represented those properties.

Support that with market and neighborhood metrics.

Designed specifically for your property, this valuable information outlines market trend data so I can intelligently assess the true market value of your home and strategize the best price for a quick and lucrative sale.

Next, help your home put its best foot forward.

I manage everything it takes to best position your home for an easy sale, from scheduling a comprehensive home inspection and preparing a thorough disclosure package, to helping you assess what items to update, to being on site for a pressure washing appointment. But buyers don't just assess the facts of a given property -- they also try to envision themselves living there. This is why I believe in the value of professional staging and photography, all of which I can arrange on your behalf.

Then create a captivating marketing campaign.

Smart strategy and careful prep still won't win unless buyers know about your property. I utilize local media, direct mail, and the internet to spread the word, uploading photos and information to MLS-including sites like Zillow, Redfin, Movoto, and I also develop and distribute signs, flyers, and special promotional materials and host open homes for both Sunday open houses and Thursday broker tours.

Finally, close a timely and lucrative sale.

Once I receive offers, I will help you assess each one to determine which has the best terms for you and best chance of a successful close. And once we're in contract, I'll do everything I can to assist the buyer's agent in moving through escrow so your house closes on time -- and you can move on to your next home.


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